About WFC

William Fisher Carpentry is an innovative contracting company located in Brick, NJ.
Bill "Fish" is an experienced carpenter specializing in all facets of home improvement and remodeling. Create/Renovate is the principle focus of a majority of his work. Built to last, even outlast your dreams... in the kitchen, bathroom and outdoor space.
From attic to cellar and every square foot in between.
Fully Insured. LIC#13VH04418000

It's starts with a dream...
sometimes a leak or crack...
but yeah, a dream.

There are "projects", and there are projects. At WFC, we take pride in the investment you make in your home improvement. Where it might be a project to the next guy, it's a mutual investment to us.


Measure Twice,
Cut Once.

Efficient purchasing and use of materials keeps us on time and under budget on every job.


Hammer Out
The Details

Every aspect of your home improvement is covered in an honest, written estimate prior to execution.



With extreme attention to detail, WFC brings your vision to life.


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